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Feb 27, 2021
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Dear members,
Thank you for registering on our forum. LNB-Hosting has been rebuilt after HostLease stops the sponsorship at Post4VPS, the most actual posts there will no longer be valid as of January 4, 2021.

We have drawn up some rules that you as a member must adhere to.

Before posting in the General Support section, please make sure you adhere to the rules below:

-Do not double post to get more attention
-Do not spam with unwanted posts.
-Do not post anything other than anything related to ’Support’

Make sure you:
-Provide a clear description of your issue or question
-Use good subject headers
-Take a screenshot so we get an idea of your problem
-Let us know the steps you took that resulted in the error
-Do a quick search to make sure your question hasn't been answered already

Hello everyone,
Please let us thank you for joining the LNB-Hosting forum. To make this community even better, we have some simple rules to follow. These rules were created to make everyone's experience more enjoyable.
All members are expected to have read and follow these rules!
Please note that all spammers will be reported to StopForumSpam.com by the moderators!

General Forum Rules - The list is not exclusive.
#1. Please respect LNB-Hosting forum rules and community members. Flaming other members will lead to a warning or even ban. Be polite.
#2. Members who disobey forum rules will be warned or banned depending on what moderators or administrators believe is the appropriate punishment. You may be issued with a warning, temporary ban or permanent ban depending on the severity of your issue.
#3. Forum rules can be changed and updated at any time. New and (or) updated rules will be posted in this category.
#4. You are welcomed to read sticky topics posted in each forum for more information.
#5. The rules are supposed to reflect the policy of the moderators but if there is any conflict between the rules and the moderators, the word of the moderators is the final one.
#6. No duplicate accounts are allowed. It will lead to a warning/temp-ban (or permanent ban later).

Posting Rules
Before creating ANY topic, please search the forums, Knowledge Base and FAQ for answers to your questions. It's possible that all questions were already asked. Members who post questions which were already answered will be warned or even banned. All members, who will participate in these topics, will be warned too (including administrators and moderators). Moderators should delete these topics.
#2. Topic titles must be descriptive. For example, good topic title is "Question about Email Settings in the Control Panel", and bad topic title is "Help Me". Topics with non-descriptive titles will be removed without any explanation.
#3. Post must be descriptive. Don't just say "i get an error, please help me". Tell us what the exact issue is, what you were doing when you encountered the issue and what you were trying to do. In many cases it also helps to add a screenshot to your post (Google it if you don't know how to do that).
#4. No shouting or ALL UPPER CASES in topic titles or descriptions is allowed. Do not post topics like "PLEASE HELP ME!!!". These topics will be removed.
#5. Bumping is allowed provided that the reply has relevant information that is useful to the continuation of the topic. Posting messages like "bump", "i like it" or similar is not allowed.
#6. Do not resubmit same questions to different categories. Double posts will lead to a warning (or ban later).
#7. Content of posts should not be explicit, offensive or shocking, unless it is posted in an educational sense.
#8. All posts need to be in English language. Posts in other languages can be deleted so please use English language when asking for help.
#9. All topics must be submitted to relevant forum. Topics submitted to non-relevant forum will be moved or removed (as decided by a moderator).
#10. No plagiarism. Don't copy tutorials, articles and files from other websites when you can simply put a link to it.
#11. No thread hijacking (keep on topic). Don't start talking about your problem if the topic is about a different problem. If you want to discuss something else, open a new thread.
#12. Only write a post when it actually contains useful information. Posts like "Thank you" and "I agree" will be deleted.
#13. If violation occurs, do not post a reply saying it's not allowed. Report the post (using the report button in the bottom-right corner) and a moderator will handle everything.
#14. Below is a list of forbidden topic subjects (which have been discussed already and may not be discussed again):
- Free Domains as Master Domains (they are banned - period).
- Why is country *** blocked?
- Suspensions of reseller accounts (contact support about it)
- Adding more features to free LNB-Hosting accounts (if you want more features you must upgrade)
- Do not ask how to mimic the look of cPanel (from cPanel.net) theme.
- Any sites advertising "cPanel" will have their topics closed.
- What is the Fake API for (it's an API if you don't need or want it - don't bother asking what it's used for).
#15. Do not post about servers or services which are offline/unavailable. LNB Hosting staff do not frequent this forum, so you should contact support regarding service issues.
#16. We do do not provide support to customers of resellers. Please contact your actual host's support as these topics will be closed.
#17. No public affiliate links are allowed. The link will be removed with or without notice and you may receive a temp ban.

Piracy Policy
Since people seem to have little to no common sense, I am forced to elaborate on our position on piracy. Any content that is available on the Internet for a price is considered a paid product/service. Posting any details/links on how to get that product or service for free will result in an instant ban, with no notice given.

Signature Policy
Signatures may contain up to 400 characters and 4 lines. You cannot have your complete signature bolded, underlined or colorized. No inappropriate content may be added to signatures. Moderators may alter or remove your signature at their own discretion.
Note: NO [h]...[/h] tags are allowed in signatures.

The Team
Active Forum Moderators

INFO: If you have any inquiries or questions, please feel free to send a private message (PM) to any of the moderators above, we will try our best to help you out. Note: We do not provide support for any issues you may have with the status of your LNB-Hosting hosting account.
Inactive Forum Moderators
None yet.
Forum Admin
Please do not PM the admin for issues you have with your LNB-Hosting account, create a support ticket or forum thread instead.

If you have any questions regarding the forum rules, please do not hesitate to contact one of the active moderators from the list above.
Enjoy your stay at the LNB-Hosting forum!
Best Regards,
The moderators & admin

LAST EDITED: 31 Augstust 2020
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