How to tell whether a host is probably byet reseller


Since many free hosting companies you will find by a search are byet resellers,hereby I would like to share some of my own ways to tell whether a website is a byet's reseller.
Why not to use byethost:
in short:slow speed,less features,more restrictions.
As there are my old memories,correction and additions are welcome.
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B.Main content

1.from the specs and the homepage
Look for:
400 MySQL Databases/Unlimited space/IFastnet/Byet
(Some websites tend to say unlimited databases but in the CP it's limited to 400.)

2.From the signup form(The method will fail if they are using custom signup forms)
The signup forum requires you to provide the site language and category.The captcha is easy to identify too.

3.From the login credentials(Well kind of snap,but it is supposed to be working at all times)
The username looks like [site]_[clientnumber] (eg. gdk_19292919) and you can log yourself in on other reseller panels.(Actually the panel is in a universal style but unfortunately I can not find the screenshots)


They are full fake of their providing unlimited sources. They suspend your service if you have heavy traffic with unique visitors..