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Basic commands for VPS to control!


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Jul 31, 2021
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Hello Guys,
There are some useful commands for VPS and also good for beginners!

1. Used for Checking RAM!

2. Used for Checking SSD/HDD

3. Used for Switching directories.
cd [ folder/file name ]

4. Used for making Directory.
mkdir [ folder name ]

5. Used for moving Files or Folder
mv [ filename or folder ] [ New folder or Location ]

6. Renaming File or folder
mv [ old name ] [ new name ]

7. Copy files or folders
cp [ file or folder ] [ new location or folder ]

8. Removing/Delete files & folders.
rm -rf ( file name or the folder )

9. Checking files and folders in which directory in you are

10. Download any file or URL
wget [ URL ]

11. Changing your VPS/SSH password

12. Changing folder/file permissions.
chmod -R 777 [ filename or folder ]

13. Unzip zip files!
unzip [ filename ]

14. Creating or extracting tar commands example:
Create a new tar archive.
tar cvf archive_name.tar dirname/

Extract from an existing tar archive.
tar xvf archive_name.tar

15. Create or Extract gzip files:
To create a *.gz compressed file:
gzip test.txt

To uncompress a *.gz file:
gzip -d test.txt.gz

16. Creating .txt document!
Following example creates a .txt file called test.txt under your home directory.
nano test.txt

17. Checking the users controlling your VPS

18. Checking network status.

19. Checking VPS Running programs!

20. Creating a manually document file.
touch [ filename with extension ]

These 20 Commands are useful in normal life of VPS xD.

Help others by adding more commands to this Post. or replying new commands to this thread.