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  1. hamed

    Why couldn't I get a VPS?

    hello friends . i am confused . Is there anyone here who can answer me? Why couldn't I get a VPS? I had my post perfect. And I hadn't received any warnings. So why was I not given any VPS?
  2. hamed

    Best Anti Virus For Windows?

    I'm looking for a good antivirus. Which antivirus do you think is best? I want to protect my files and my internet. I mean internet trackers. Because in the last 2 years my computer has been attacked more than 3 times and once my hard drive burned that I announced in the post4vps forum but I...
  3. hamed

    Qusetion about forum posts

    hello moderator of forum . can i apply for vps next month with current monthly posts? i mean apply with this monthly posts?
  4. hamed

    Free pptp VPN from netherlands and ...

    Hi I wanted today to introduce a free Vpn for those who need a VPN and don't want to buy it. Note: Do not use this Vpn for Torrent because your IP will be banned from Vpn servers. And the second point: you can use these VPNs for online games because they have a fairly good ping. Note that free...
  5. hamed

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    Linux is actually a kernel. If we want to turn it into a suite, Linux operating systems such as debian/ubuntu/... And other platforms will be subsets of it. Linux is generally an open source operating system. You can log in to the folder in Windows with 2 clicks and as you know Windows has a...
  6. hamed

    Hello Everyone

    Hello to all friends i am hamed from netherlands . I am glad to have met the users of this community. i am currently studying and working in my father's company . I need a VPS to promote my work, and that's why I'm here from the old community. I hope all friends get what they want. Best wishes
  7. hamed

    Questions about Vps panels

    hello. I was going to ask if Medium VPS has a panel to manage? And my second question is, can we also have windows operating systems? (crack) I asked this question because in the Netherlands the copyright law is not the case in other countries
  8. hamed

    we can install windows on flash?

    hello guys . for some reasons i should to install my windows in usb flash . and my qusetion is can i do it? and how?i was search on google but i dont find a good website to awsner me .please help me I had already posted this in the previous forum, but no one answered me. please help me