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  1. HarisHayat

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    Sorry for the late reply, yeah you can install Windows 11 without having TPM 2.0 in your motherboard. Just head to this tutorial video and you can enjoy Windows 11 with no issues. YT Link:
  2. HarisHayat

    How to enable Root Login of mostly VMs like AWS/Azue/GCP

    Actually anydesk window must be open to let your user to connect it and remote control your PC/VPS. so that's why your friend have to login with user and then you can connect to his desktop or server.
  3. HarisHayat

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    By the way, I tried Windows 11 on i5 4th generation, because it's ISO file was patched by some Indians or what.. but the GUI and it's features are damn good!
  4. HarisHayat

    How to enable Root Login of mostly VMs like AWS/Azue/GCP

    If you are thinking to work like anydesk or temviewer, you should try VNC.. I think it will work for you.. give it a try.
  5. HarisHayat

    Hello Everyone

    Oh right, but letting you know that you can't use it as download "Torrent movies or torrent files" as it mentioned in rules of free VPS.
  6. HarisHayat

    Blocking countries through Iptables (Firewall)

    Yeahhh, You can just block them to protect your server nicely.
  7. HarisHayat

    Windscribe | Free VPN (some locations)

    Exactly, I always use Windscribe whenever I need to create account on some sites or work there, as some sites are Banned in Pakistan.. unfortunately.. Windscribe works as a premium VPN.
  8. HarisHayat

    ▀▄ SHARED/RESELLER/MASTER RESELLER SALE ▀▄ JUST €0.17/MONTHLY!/€0.83 for reseller ★ SPECIAL OFFERS ★ → FREE SSL, Templates, More!

    Oh nice, that's a good implement.. but I'm already using Reseller hosting provided by Hostlease.. best performance ever..
  9. HarisHayat

    Blocking countries through Iptables (Firewall)

    If you have chances to get DDoS from the same country, you can do one thing that Monitor those suspicious IPs or blacklisted IPs just block them through main firewall or Iptables, You can't do anything except this because from the same country you can also allow only yourself or your clients to...
  10. HarisHayat

    Anyone listen Slowed + reverb songs on Youtube?

    Absolutely right, I used to listen Pakistani, Indians and Hollywood all the time..
  11. HarisHayat

    COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Pandemic Updates

    Get well soon bro, I'm also from Pakistan xd .. I'm not done with vaccine yet, because I don't go outside my home. LOL.
  12. HarisHayat

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    From my point of view, Linux is much secure & good for developers and hosting companies, I used Linux and Windows both.. In Linux you can easily configure your firewall by help of Iptables and it's very good compared to Windows firewall.. because I have seen some issues with Windows firewall...
  13. HarisHayat

    we can install windows on flash?

    Literally, the best solution to create a bootable USB to install Windows whenever you lost or got damaged your DVD, LOL... I always get confuse with MBR and GPT.. as some motherboard BIOS does not support GPT, I think they are older that's why.. btw, I always choose MBR to install Windows 10 or...
  14. HarisHayat

    Feedback on Forum

    Btw, I also tried to use Dark mode, but unfortunately I'm facing the same issue.. its ok with me to deal with light theme because my LCD monitor is on lower brightness.. haha!
  15. HarisHayat

    Feedback on Forum

    Well, dark mode can also be activated by using Microsoft edge or if you are using Windows 10 just enable the option (Dark Mode) from settings/display infos.. btw, I would like to suggest @Pacific Spirit to upload or install dark mode theme or change the current theme..
  16. HarisHayat

    Questions about Vps panels

    I always like to suggest to use free softwares if you can't afford them, cause if you use Nulled scripts then its bad for the hosting providers and for you too. as you are gonna lost your VPS.. - All VPS plans are included Virtualizor VPS control panel which is quite decent with all access, I'm...
  17. HarisHayat

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Mr. Hamed xD.. Thanks for here in this community.. Can I know which type of work you are gonna promote with your VPS provided by our community? Just asking for info..
  18. HarisHayat

    How can I apply for a free VPS? What is needed?

    CIR Bandwidth's 25Mbps is better than the shared network's 25Mbps.. which will be good for the the VMs.
  19. HarisHayat


    Obviously, Pacific is a friend of mine, and I discussed with him about free Shared/Reseller Hosting but he told me that problem with abusers. That's how I know!