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Recent content by Sagher

  1. Sagher

    The most recent song you've listened to?

    Just listening to this melodious song.
  2. Sagher

    Hi there why don't you have a seat?

    @UnseenAcoustics : Welcome to our community. hope you have a great time and best output from forum. Don't forget to read forum rules.
  3. Sagher

    TV Series You are Watching Now

    I recently Watched a Netflix Horror cartoon series " A Tale Dark & Grimm" i think it is not for sensitive kids. many awkward things.
  4. Sagher

    Why couldn't I get a VPS?

    Requested to please read TOS first and apply accordingly for smooth and hassle free services. Using VPS for abnormal and abusing services are strictly prohibited. also it may take effect on other sincere users VPS performance. So be honest.
  5. Sagher

    Bliss OS on Old Laptop

    Bliss not work for me bro i think because of 1GB ram. yeah but PrimeOS is boot but too much time to boot and some time stuck on boot . reboot and reboot but cant GRUB go to OS menu. same with Android stock x86 ROMs and Lineage.
  6. Sagher

    Bliss OS on Old Laptop

    Ok i do check about it but i need Android OS. a stand alon OS because dual boot in old PC/s with 1GB of RAM is ridiculous. i check many but all has booting problem. take upto 5 to 10 min to boot. also hanging issues.
  7. Sagher

    Best Anti Virus For Windows?

    Avast and avira both has same category list even Eset is master to delete your system files without any sense. so beware from that.
  8. Sagher

    Bliss OS on Old Laptop

    Hello everyone. I have an old Intel Atom Notebook with low specs like 1GB of RAM and 60GB of HDD with Intel 1.6 Atom CPU. i wish to install any on android OS on it. i try Bliss but i am always stuck in installing setup. During Partition they said cannot format sda1 .. anyone here who...
  9. Sagher

    Best Anti Virus For Windows?

    I always recommend you Windows Defender which is embedded in every release of Microsoft windows and free for lifetime because you got it with Microsoft windows purchases. Other then always buy a full licensed version of any antivirus like kespersky, Norton, Avira, Panda, Eset etc..
  10. Sagher

    Hello Everyone

    Agreed: Torrent content is strictly prohibited in all containers.
  11. Sagher

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    Yes i Got it a great one with TPM bypass. and successfully installed in my i3 4th Gen device
  12. Sagher

    How to enable Root Login of mostly VMs like AWS/Azue/GCP

    Yes you are right, so i use the trick option as i work on ssh to su root and also i separately open ssh and sftp to my own pc too. because i never go to root folder with user login.
  13. Sagher

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    Thanks alot for your Morell Reply @HarisHayat . one thing is so hard to swelled for me the indian patch. Also i request you to attach a valid windows 11 iso link please.
  14. Sagher

    How to enable Root Login of mostly VMs like AWS/Azue/GCP

    The situation is little bit different, i closed friend always concerned me to troubleshoot or any installation about linux which he have. but anydesk connect only when he login with user. when he try to login as a root, anydesk not work. and in user mode we unable to install any program or...
  15. Sagher

    What is the difference between Linux and Windows?

    i have i3 4th gen and officially i7 desktop with 16Gb ram and 128SSD boot. can you please share the link with me? the offline iso file link