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Recent content by hamed

  1. hamed

    Why couldn't I get a VPS?

    hello friends . i am confused . Is there anyone here who can answer me? Why couldn't I get a VPS? I had my post perfect. And I hadn't received any warnings. So why was I not given any VPS?
  2. hamed

    Best Anti Virus For Windows?

    I'm looking for a good antivirus. Which antivirus do you think is best? I want to protect my files and my internet. I mean internet trackers. Because in the last 2 years my computer has been attacked more than 3 times and once my hard drive burned that I announced in the post4vps forum but I...
  3. hamed

    [CLOSED] New Giveaway October 2021

    Thank you for your good items for free choice
  4. hamed

    Hello Everyone

    Torrent is the worst thing possible. i don't even use it on my own computer but not in general, i don't want to do it
  5. hamed

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks u very much my friend. Thanks man . In general, my job is to set templates and content for better SEO. But I want to upload and download a series of files (allowed) with my own VPS on the site servers. Because I can't do this with my internet (because of the low upload speed of the...
  6. hamed

    Windscribe | Free VPN (some locations)

    Windscribe is better because its servers are faster. In my opinion, you should try to understand this. Psiphon servers are not good for gaming because it does not work on software and games. That's why it's not good for some users.
  7. hamed

    Browser Games

    Yes Travian is a good web game but it has been frustrating because it does not offer any new updates and his constructive team does nothing. I suggest you sign up for this game. This game is very good. (You can fight for your own country). Browser game link (click here)
  8. hamed

    Browser Games

    the best browser game is bgmafia i think . i play this game for 6 years . this is best .
  9. hamed

    Questions about Vps panels

    I suggest you to send more useful content to get more post. it was just a suggestion because anyone can blame the other
  10. hamed


    i will connect cpanel to resseler hosting dude . by api we can do it like hosting websites
  11. hamed

    Free pptp VPN from netherlands and ...

    check this address freevpn724.com
  12. hamed


    Can we use ressler hosting for automatic installation for cpanel? Or connect it to our site cpanel for users?
  13. hamed

    Qusetion about forum posts

    aha thanks man
  14. hamed

    Qusetion about forum posts

    hello moderator of forum . can i apply for vps next month with current monthly posts? i mean apply with this monthly posts?
  15. hamed

    Free pptp VPN from netherlands and ...

    Hi I wanted today to introduce a free Vpn for those who need a VPN and don't want to buy it. Note: Do not use this Vpn for Torrent because your IP will be banned from Vpn servers. And the second point: you can use these VPNs for online games because they have a fairly good ping. Note that free...