Earn money with your website
Started by huuthi95

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07-10-2019, 05:03 -
On the Internet I tried all the ways to earn money online and on different sites in different ways (for free time of day). But no site by any means makes any good money because you spend more on electricity and more. So we'd better not do much (like getting bitcoin from free bitcoin sites (anyway)). (Such as viewing ads or selling a product from another site). So I want to suggest a good way (not to everyone)
This is the way I want to suggest just for those who have a blog or site to share a series of download links (sites that have high hits).
I didn't buy for my site to keep the download files I provided on my site like some games that are not available on Stream or some high volume software. Actually because I didn't need to. I use the uploadboy site to store my files. This site is great. This site keeps your files and users and visitors to your site can download your file for free and you can earn money by downloading it.
Please see this download link for countries and file download rates: https://uploadboy.com/en/earn.html
(Posted above monetization rate) (This site is quite real and the best).
Also, when a visitor enters the download link of your file, his / her ip language will appear in his / her site and the visitor will not be confused. This site supports more than 10 languages.
I suggest you no longer give the download hosts money to keep your files and use this site to keep track of your files and subscriptions and earn money.
Website address: http://www.uploadboy.com[url=http://www.uploadboy.com/][/url]
I didn't give you the invite link but if you would like to sign up with my invite link so I can earn money by clicking on the signup menu above and register to earn money from selling your files too.

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