What do you think of AI?
Started by HoussemKeyCo

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The C++ Boi

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19-06-2019, 10:58 -
Hello, so, yesterday I've watched a movie about AI (2036 Origin Unknown is the name of it) and I've seen how the AI improved and took over humanity.
What do you think of AI? Will it take over the humanity or will it only help us?
Share your thoughts here.
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23-06-2019, 03:07 -
As long as the main and intelligence are in the right hand and are controlled properly. They shouldn't cause any trouble. The technology should just be in proper hands to doesn't cause the trouble.
Junior Member

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27-07-2019, 07:09 -
In my opinion AI will really help humanity in near future. There are alot ways humans can use AI for improving stuff
Junior Member

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28-07-2019, 09:30 -
I think it has two sides, but most of the time nowadays is using AI, you can see it on the phone more.
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11-08-2019, 05:06 -
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