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Change log for December 2018 (END OF BETA) - support - 12-17-2018

This is our change log for December - Januari 2018-2019:

* VIP Support Department Added (Only VIPS can open tickets there).

* Reseller Premission can now only asked via the forums, (Ticket department has been removed, it keeps used by asking support).

* IDN domains banned: Customers can't longer create email accounts with IDN domains like user@xn--80aaopgi4f.xn--p1ai etc...

* Fixed issue with duplicate registrations with the same email address with the same reseller.
* BoxBilling is now supported to install via Softaculous, we do not support them here!
* All reseller accounts can now be only done in the Category "General Support"
* Updated CloudLinux 6.9 -> 6.10 - Today 7.4 (Righteous)
* Free have max 10 cPanel Accounts, 
* FREE DOMAINS are banned from being hosted on our servers, this ensures all our users are genuine and lowers the risk of service abuse. These included and are all limited to: .tk , .co.cc , .cu.cc e.g.
* New look for in WHM
* Fixed various bugs under the DNS Zone Editor.