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Rules for free Upgrade to the VIP plans - support - 12-05-2018

Having active user community of our biggest goal. User suggestions, feature quests and nice reviews is our engine. So we are ready to give away free VIP upgrades for everyone who is active, posting useful tips and helping to others on this forum.

Here are few simple rules before you can request free VIP upgrade:
- Your post count shroud be 150 or more.
- Posts should be in good quality. Messages like "thank you", "its good", "nice.." and so on doesn't count.

Spammers will be permanently banned form this community and will get their LNB-Hosting reseller profile disabled, so please think before you do something bad.
To request VIP just open a ticket and include your forum username. For verification reasons your forum email must be the same as it is in LNB-Hosting reseller profile! Update your email before proceeding if it differs.
If approved, VIP role will be assigned for 1 year. Be active and make at least additional 150 posts over a  following year and we will be happy to extend your VIP membership! You can request us to extend VIP membership 1 month before it expires.

0 Forums Post -> Free upgrade from Shared to Reseller

50 Forums Posts -> Upgrade from 10 cPanel accounts to 25 cPanel Accounts

150 Forum Posts -> Upgrade from Free to VIP

500 Forum Posts -> You can be as a moderator (Only by active and helpful posts)
750 Forum Posts - > Upgrade from Free or VIP to SuperVIP (Able to switch to EU SERVERS)