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FREE - SHARED (cPanel)

10GB Disk Space

100GB Bandwidth

5 FTP Features

5 Email Accounts

50MB Mailing List

5 Databases

Forum Support

Price: Free

10 GB Disk Space (Total)

100 GB Bandwidth (Total)

5 FTP Users (Per Domain)

5 Email Accounts (Per Domain)

50 MB Email box Size (Per Email Box)

5 MySQL Databases (Per Domain)

25000 Max MySQL Connections (Per Domain, Per Hour)

10000 Max Unique Visitors (Per Domain, Per 24 Hours)

No Signed Contract

No Guarantee for you (Backups and Uptime)

Support Level 1 Forum Support ONLY! (No Live Chat, No Ticket Support, No Email Support)

No Ability To Escalate your Tickets

Price: Free